„At First, a feeling of Freedom flows into my mind.

On canvas I am free to do what I want,when I want, how I want.

The objects that inspire me leave imprints on my conciousness……journeys, people, architecture, colours, words.


I love Photography…..it is not enough however just to look at my Photographs on a screen. I have to connect with my photographs using Acrylic paints to create a powerful impression of Modern Art…..My Art, My Style.


My technique: Acrylic on canvas, or Acrylic on my photos….…..always uncomplicated, timeless, minimalistic, emotionally provoking“

Exhibitions/ Art Shows

ART Innsbruck  (mit galerie m beck )

ARTe Sindelfingen 

Lausanne Artfair  (mit Galerie m beck)

Lange Kulturnacht Starnberg

ART Salzburg  (mit Galerie m beck)

Art Market Budapest (mit Gelerie m beck)

Ausstellungen Galerie m beck Bad Homburg 2017 und    2018

Ausstellung Art Week Berlin 2018 ( mit LDX Artodrome Gallery)

Semifinalist ARTBOX PROJECT New York Januar 2018

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